5-510pm:  Settle in, how are you?  What’s new?  Have you been writing for YOU?

5:10-5:35pm:  Pieces we read… your reactions/SUPPORTED OPINIONS.

5:35-6pm:  If you had to characterize or identify Sedaris as anything, what would it be?

                                For example, “Sedaris is ___________.”

                                That is a position.  That is a thesis, stemming from an opinion.

6-6:20pm:  Let’s practice supporting these opinions now…..  Please post and share some evidence/quotes from Sedaris’ essays to support your opinions.  Please engage each other, ask each other questions, support each other’s arguments!

6:20-6:40pm:  OPEN MIC!!!!!!!!  What have you been writing for YOU??  Please post and share and react to each other….

ASSIGNMENT:  Please have Diabetes With Owls finished by 9/23/20.  Start developing an opinion on the book, and Sedaris.  This will be the prompt for your first longer essay.  Don’t worry about the essay right now… just start developing an opinion.  Text me with any questions.

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  1. Aiden Seifert says:

    Lately I’ve been writing a lot about my well-being. For example how about the immediate urge I notice when I wake up to look at my phone that can be very hard to resist most days. Thats about for today see you all later.

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  2. Thanks for all the sharing! Be safe you all! See you next week!

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  3. I have been writing everyday about dreams ive had or things ive felt. events that happen at work or when I’m out which is not too much because of the smoke and covid.


  4. mikemadigan says:

    Whatup y’all!!!!!!

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  5. mikemadigan says:

    For those of you who are participating consistently and energetically, I’m in awe of your intention and rhythm. Well done!!!


  6. mikemadigan says:

    Week 4 is over… too late to fake the funk y’all…

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  7. niannavalle says:

    -I’m alright, nothings new with me at the moment. I have been writing little bits here and there, but mostly on my phones notes.
    – The last essay we read caught me off guard. I was not really expecting the things he said. The last two lines, ” Offering it to your ex-husband, I can understand, but to your own sister? That’s just tacky,” was such a twist I was not expecting. most of it was offensive, but I still though it was so funny. Extra points for shock value.
    -Sedaris is sad.
    – He seems sad because in most of his writing when he reflects on his childhood or negative events, it seems like he tries too hard to add humor which is often a method to hide your sadness.


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