English 5 – 2/22/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Bonsoir!!  How is everyone doing?  Done any writing for yourself?  Any reading?  Does anyone in here run?

5:10pm-5:35pm:  Report on essays… where did you start?  What have you done? What do you want to do?

FTP:  You should always have something envisioned for an essay, what you want the reader to remember and think about.

FTP:  Your essay should only incorporate quotes and evidence when needed.  Write from you and your idea, your conviction and authority…

5:35-6pm:  How do you educate yourself?  How do you grow as a character?  How do you find TRUTH?

FTP:  Educating self entails assessment of self.  Be truthful with yourself concerning your progress…

6-6:20pm:  What truth is communicated by your essay on Lawson?

FTP:  Demand of yourself an explanation of your own truth.

6:20-6:30pm:  Close… what’s on your page for tonight?

ASSIGNMENT:  Email me a 1-2 page update on the composition of your essay… the steps and support of your idea.

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  1. oliver castillo says:

    education is more than learning. it’s living


  2. Riley McConnell says:

    On the page I have to narrow down my choices for a topic and start gathering more evidence for it. I also have on there to start righting earlier because I know that I have prone to procrastinate


  3. laurabewest says:

    Demand of yourself an explanation of your own truth.

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  4. levoneral says:

    On my page I continued my notes for my essay. Some new ideas and continuations on old ones.

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  5. Lily Backus says:

    On my page I have that I think I want to pick which stories are important for me to tell, and I’ve written what they are. I’m not sure where I would tell them but, I think I have stories that need to be told that I would refuse to open up about. I’ve also got the main pieces of evidence i want to include semi outlined out. It’s pretty broad still but I at least know which sections of the text and outside resources I want to use now.

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  6. Paul Poulter says:

    When is the 1-2 page assignment due professor?

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      1. Paul Poulter says:

        Sounds good!

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  7. TiffanyFayed says:

    On tonight’s page Opportunity being found in EVERYTHING.


  8. Paul Poulter says:

    OTP is take things slow, but build on truths and ideals that MEAN something. Make a stand, and show the true power of those that have struggled.

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  9. Daisy Guevara says:

    Stay concise and contained!

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  10. janessagoodwin says:

    Tonights page, everything I’ve been putting in my journal and getting from Lawson is great. I’ve been doubting and over thinking! Trust the process and write it out even if I don’t think it’s going anywhere. MOVEMENT. Remove the self doubt! Something else in my notes- I appreciate the openness of this class. I love the support and encouragement we give each other.

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  11. Diego Monjaras says:

    On tonight page I wrote down to find a strong thesis and to start writing parts of my essay


  12. connorsoutherland says:

    Tonights page is all about self education and reflection
    also some possible ideas for my essay as well as a reminder that we must remain comfortable in our own skin, for we cannot control any body else or their thoughts and words, but we can control our own.

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  13. selenadiaz7 says:

    on tonights page.. READ READ READ.

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