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  1. I feel frustrated. As an essential worker, with no extra precautions/safety measures at work, I know it’s just a matter of time. Someone is going to get sick. Then I will be on a mandatory quarantine. NOT a shelter in place. A shelter in place gives you a small amount of freedom. What if I bring some kind of sickness home to my kids? They didn’t sign up for my job. I feel disposable. I feel taken advantage of and I feel helpless. Fingers crossed this will be over soon. I want a sense of normalcy back, for myself and my kids.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Sending love, Samone. You have a right to voice your concerns!!!! We’re all here for you!!! ✊🏽


  2. pashatoub says:

    Some writing I wanted to share from last night after seeing friends for the first time in a while which I think answers this. Hope you’re well Mikey

    March has been a punch in the nose. Going from a daily routine to a confined movie-like period of isolation because of a global issue, a common enemy to the world, has been very strange. It’s mind boggling how quickly things really can change, and how thin the walls were which separated an ideal life from reality. I’m also struggling to understand how people aren’t as pissed as I am. Who cares if it’s a natural occurrence? Because of this virus, my youth is being robbed from me, and I don’t know what to do with my anger. Of course, I’m trying to put most of it into making my new home schedule work out. But like countless others, to me, being stuck in one place drains the feelings of responsibility which other places require, like school and work. My initial reaction wasn’t as strong as it’s grown to be. This coronacation seemed like a blessing in disguise at first, and although there are still some silver linings, I’m being forced to learn about myself and relearn my regular life to stay sane. In the long run, this will of course make me stronger, but as of now, it sucks having to conform to such a sudden threat.
    In order to keep up with my standards, I’ve gotten a pen pal. I’ve tried drawing classmates, listening to new genres. I’ve walked from my room to the kitchen thousands of times in these weeks, and I feel like I’ve completely explored the interiors of my head and home. So, after I recovered from my light (productive!) cough, when I got the chance to go on a bike ride with some friends while staying six feet apart, I was super excited. I felt like my lack of contact wouldn’t come into play, but instead, the mood was off. I had no clue how to interact with people my age. Maybe it’s the circumstances, which honestly seem like a far out Netflix series. This is a once in a lifetime occurrence, which is hard to digest. However, maybe the uncomfortable feeling was because of how much time we had spent with ourselves. Having judgement, support, or discussion with anyone but your head is where our humanness comes from. Being devoid of this physical connection showed my brain how much it relies on other people, and after I had two weeks for all my thoughts to circulate my head, there was no way I could get myself to interact naturally. Nothing clicked. Even though we interacted over the headset, my friends and I didn’t talk for more than five minutes at a time. They also didn’t take the six feet warning as seriously as I did, which confused me at the time. Why couldn’t people be taking this as seriously as I was? Can’t this be over already? I can only imagine how people who have to interact with the public feel. Nurses and doctors, cashiers and mailmen, bankers and local businesses. Where does their support come from? Will they, and will I, be able to return to the normal swing of things after this global shift?
    The virus, to me, has interestingly become nameless, and it only exists as a source of cancellation and danger to my grandma. Even so, what good will come to the world as a result? Is it only on Twitter where people pledge their allegiance to a new world? Should ‘new world’ be capitalized? How big of a splash will this make? I wish I could know ahead of time, and it truly just sucks that only a small group of people will control our collective response. How many people, and kids, and babies, will just stay inside? This time with myself gives me more questions than I can dream of answering. Over the next month, these questions will multiply, and I am so curious to see how I, and the history books, will answer after more time inside my head.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Hey Pasha!! Good to hear from you man!!! Thanks for sharing your writings and thoughts, as always. This really made my day. Love the tone and various addresses in this post. Talk to you tomorrow…. -Mikey


  3. Jordanna Chaille says:

    What day is it? What time is it? Am I supposed to eat now? These are the questions I repetitively ask myself each day during this crisis. I was in a cycle of forward motion with work, school, and the spring weather approaching. Now, everything has been put on hold. Well, almost everything. I’m allowed to work, for now. My business is a bakery and surprise! providing food for the public is essential. But the schedule is off, I’m only working part time. This scattered schedule only exacerbates the uncertainty of time. And the exhaustion is exhausting. How am I so damn tired all the time now? Google tells me this is likely due to anxiety and the stressors of the shut-down. Maybe it is the constant vigilance of standing on guard with maintaining distance and obsessive handwashing. My cuticles are dried out and my hands are cracking, but I’m not sick – so there’s that.

    I just want to get back to forward motion and some resemblance of a regular schedule and like most people, feel like we are getting back to normal. Then, come the thoughts that we won’t see normal for quite some time. We don’t even know how bad the spread of virus will get. The guidelines to stay away from others is an easy one for me. I embrace the isolation. This part of the shutdown provides no deep impact as I generally don’t like most people anyway. Is that bad?


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Like the thought process and motion of narrative. Talk soon!!


  4. Kate Nunez says:

    Wow. I am doing great in this quarantine. It is definitely helping me catch up in One Piece because I am, unfortunately, on the Thriller Bark Arc and will son be seeing the main character’s brother die. Haha… I’m not really doing well with everything else though. I’m still behind and am trying my hardest to earn credit in this class because in person, I was doing Cheetos to talk but can talk so easily on here because it’s through a screen where people aren’t staring at me. Honestly, in person, I was afraid to enter those doors and see everybody sitting down and desperately hoping that I would t ever get called on or have to talk against my will. Anyways, I’m basically producing nothing other than these entries I keep doing on your site because it’s my only scapegoat to actually earn any credit since I’ve done nothing in class. I haven’t really been producing like I wanted to take advantage of with all this time. At least I’ve been producing on hear and clearing my mind and healing my “what happens next?” syndrome with One Piece, My Hero Academia (because the new episode came out Friday), etc. Unfortunately, a favorite show of mine, Steven Universe, ended on Friday also, which I’ve been avoiding to see the finale that I recorded because it’s not over until you watch the episode 😉 Anyways, I plan to discuss with a few teachers to get my grades up and to see if they’ll give me any more chances to do better and be better. I hope I can produce more than just these writing entries though. We’ll see.


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