Take a breath, seriously.

There is nothing worth your mood, your character composition.  Do things differently… approach matters and conversations, reactions and constructive or other criticism differently.  There is nothing worth the whole of YOU.

Of course I suggest write it, ALL, down.  Conversations with yourself and the invaluable nature to inward jots.  So many will say, “Consider the source.” Or “Take it with a grain of salt.” I agree, but remind yourself that you control the momentum.. the tangible of any interaction and occurrence.

This is not some set of sped-said paragraphs meant to enliven or embolden, certainly not inspire.  Just sharing something I learned, re-learned, today. If you have no critics, you’ll more than likely have no success Malcom X said.  Every time you’re confronted, criticized, that can only be seen as an invitation to learn, develop in character and charisma, your principle movement.

Take a breath.  Take several.  Remind yourself of your SELF.  The character that you are still writing.  There is no perfection, and even if attained it there’s something more to learn.  Something to add and incorporate into your sterling web of action.

The day moves and you with it.  It’s a concert, a duo, a harmony that will only teach and contribute, never detract. But your perspective…. Ah…..  That’s something else, and everything NOW.  And by perspective I mean your sight.  How you see and interpret the walls and character around you.  The “assignments” on your surface, on the stage that you’ve elected.  You’ll tire, and there will be stages in your sequence that you would rather just not do.  You won’t be “in the mood”.  Not only can you change that, it’s all yours.  YOUR mood… your “perspective”.  YOUR sight.

Remarks and criticisms are only that.  That’s it. That’s the actual and tangible limit to their existence and significance.  They are not you.  They do not tell or realize any dream and vision you hold, any aim you’d assigned to yourself.  Vision, you decide.  Outcome as well.  Everything. It’s all a knowledge of movement, where you’re going and what you’ll do.

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  1. Kate Nunez says:

    I agree because many will take a type of criticism and let it control them when they should be controlling it and letting it guide them into success and not failure. Of course, you learn more from failure than success, but it shouldn’t be forgotten who brought you there. It wasn’t the criticism you let take you, it was you.


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