1A – 7PM

7-7:10pm:  How are you?  What are you thinking right now, at this point in the semester?  In the YEAR?


Why?  I want you to be the one saying when it’s developed fully, when you have a strong and coherent position.  I know, you could be thinking… “Sweet… three pages and I’ll be good.”


“Oh my god… he wants something like 10 or twelve pages…”


I am not specifying a page requirement.  This is your final submission for the semester.  If you want to know how long I think it should be, with three books to consider and three outside sources, text me tomorrow and I’ll tell you.  DO NOT FOCUS ON PAGE LENGTH…..  your mind should be in the development and LOVE of your idea.

7:30-7:50pm:  What questions will you have for Mr. Foreman?  Remember, you should be done with his book by next meeting.  Think about what you want to know about his story and character, both outside the book and stemming from it.  Think about the other authors we’ve read as well, what you noticed in their works… do you think he has a similar perspective?  ASK HIM.  And, don’t forget… this zoom call could be incorporated into your paper if you’d like.  One of my questions for him is, quite directly, “How do you want to be read and understood one hundred years from now?”

7:50-8pm:  I’m giving you some extra time to finish this paper…  You have until 11:59 on December 26th to submit your paper.  Not a second after.  Don’t just budget your time, WRITE IT.  You are in total control of everything that happens till then.  You need help, text me.  I’m here.  I’m here to not just help but collaborate in your composition process.

For tonight’s page…..  You writing should be about EVERYTHING, not just one thing.  Yes, you may be writing about a common idea among the three books.  But, EVERYTHING around you can be used to compose that.  Nothing should be dismissed, all should be accepted in Composition.

Also…..  Stop seeing time and assignments as opponents.  A certain mind, the one I encourage, sees both as enabler and encouragers.

REGARDING THIS FINAL PAPER…..  Love your idea.  If you do, you’ll never change your mind, and you won’t do what many students do which is self-doubt and change mind over and over till you’re right against the deadline.  I don’t have sympathy for those that do such, as it’s incredibly avoidable, especially with how this class is constructed and with an instructor as accessible as me.

8-8:10pm:  Close…..  What’s on tonight’s page?

ASSIGNMENT:  Finish Foreman’s book and email me a 2-page thought, opinion.  Also… have questions and comments for Mr. Foreman!

ASSIGNMENT:  Prepare notes to present for next class, on your final essay for the semester.

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  1. aalexvillanueva94 says:

    on tonights page i have finish formans book. elaborate on my question. and start writing my final paper


  2. mikemadigan says:

    Something for tonight’s page….. Not writing is as valuable and contributive as writing.

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  3. On tonights page, our essays should have our views, and continue reading!

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  4. mikemadigan says:

    Something else….. Calm self through inaction. Meditate, collect, don’t move.


  5. Michael Pearson says:

    Write about you

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  6. Quince Wu says:

    For tonight, don’t write just for writing.


  7. mikemadigan says:

    Have a great night, everyone. Please keep working on your final essay, and be prepared for next class and our discussion with Mr. Foreman.

    #professormikey, OUT.

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  8. Have a goodnight everyone!

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  9. Quince Wu says:



  10. beysaira abundiz says:

    Tonight’s page write questions down to ask foreman!


  11. beysaira abundiz says:

    Good night everyone!

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