The more we think about writing the less we write and the less plausible steps there are in the bridge we seek to compose.  Another idea, just keep writing.  Especially when you don’t want to.  The other day I was trying to write a letter, was convinced it wouldn’t happen, so I told the person I was writing I wasn’t in the mood to write them but was going to do it anyway.  Not sure how that made them feel, but I finished the letter.  So there.

This semester, trying to see writing for what it is, and something different I don’t know of yet.  Why should an English 5 or 1A or any class be a delivery of certainties?  ‘This is what an essay looks like…”, ‘This is what you’re supposed to do with your journal…’ Never made sense to me.  Why can’t it be more exploratory and whim-whipped?

Whatever is around you, right now, is a story, or note, or vignette, song, something.  What do you want it to be?  Write it into a tangible talk.  It could be something as simple as your mood.  Yes, you have to want to change it, and put it into words, but what you find when actualized might surprise you.  You don’t know.

Start with your journal, the wandering piece of paper next to you at your desk, or on a post-it… anything.  I once had a post-it project where I’d just write words and thoughts blips onto post-its and put them together when I thought I had enough for a solid and sovereign piece.  Try that.  Maybe I’ll try that again.  Need to buy post-it’s… added to day’s list.  The list could be an essay, whatever you want to be.  Who writes lists for their day?

And if you’re not writing, go live.  You can always write later.  One idea I meant to share earlier was, “Live more, write less…” Think that may have been in the letter to my friend, or a letter I wrote myself, in some journal, at some point during this covid grip.

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