English 5 – 1/27/21, Wednesday

5-5:20pm:  What were some thoughts that went through your head today?  What did you do with them?  Are you going to do anything with them?  What do they mean?

Think of your life as literature.  It IS. It’s a story.  You’re writing even when you’re not writing.  So… what did you write today?

FYN (For Your Notes):  Thoughts are always valuable and can be used.

FYN:  You and your days are never boring or regular unless you choose to see them that way.

FYN:  (a bit off-topic). Your journal is YOUR journal.  Use it for this class, personal writings, ANYTHING written.  Don’t overthink or even think about it.. just use the pages.  They are ALL yours.

5:20-5:40:  How do you define happiness?  Do you have some specific visual or conceptual image or feel of what it is?  Why is it so seemingly hard to acquire at times?  Is this imagined? What the F/CK is happiness?

FYN:  Happiness can’t be defined maybe, just chosen and lived….?

5:40-6:05pm:  Initial reactions and thoughts to Ms. Lawson’s book.  I find that she’s as kind and loving as she is snarky and slightly venomous.  What about you?

FYN:  Her exploration of depression is what I’d call artfully quirky, poetic….  You?

FYN:  She shows us how people connect, and affect each other.  And, how there is nothing more attainable than our own identity.

6:05-6:20pm:  What are some lines from the book that gave you insight into her mind and intentions, personality and writing style?  Anything that makes you feel something as a reader, that leads to more questions you’d want to ask Ms. Lawson?

6:20-6:30pm:  Close…. WHAT DID YOU WRITE IN YOUR NOTES/JOURNAL TONIGHT?  What are you walking away with?

ASSIGNMENT:  Read the next five chapters in Lawson’s book, type a 2-page opinion paper on her reason for writing.

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  1. Sebastian Ruvalcaba says:

    In my notes I wrote about what I want my source of happiness in the future to be and what I can do to achieve that today.

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  2. Why is it “incapable” and “unable” instead of “uncapable” and “inable?” You can have an inability but you can’t be inable. I’m uncapable of understanding how these decisions were made.

    LOL. Critical Thinking 101. When you nit pick your vocabulary and get frazzled at the English language. Just step away from that sentence… and separate the words. NOT capable. NOT able. Okay….that’s good enough for me.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Good point, old friend. Thanks for sharing!!

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  3. Diego Monjaras says:

    I kept it short and simple for tonight notes. I wrote, find humor in during dark times, have fun, Be you, Be yourself at all times

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  4. Makyla Aldana says:

    On my notes, I have live your best life and don’t worry about what others have to say.

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  5. adamseaifan says:

    My favorite quote is “Your opinions are valid and important. Unless it’s some stupid bullshit you’re being shitty about, in which case you can just go fuck yourself”

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  6. levoneral says:

    I’ve got a lot of notes about happiness. Different perspectives and thoughts on it.

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  7. mikemadigan says:

    Alright y’all…. #professormikey needs a glass of wine. Have a great weekend, text me with any questions or ideas, prompts or directions, and we’ll talk soon. I appreciate you all and am enjoying our discussions. PEACE….. -Mikey

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  8. TiffanyFayed says:

    Notes: How to not take life so seriously and do some journal writing about some thoughts that came up in this class.

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  9. selenadiaz7 says:

    I wrote “when you begin to have intrusive thoughts, before they invade my space simply give them a busy dial tone or my mailbox is full and cannot accept anymore messages, goodbye.”


  10. laurabewest says:

    over and out

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  11. Morelia says:

    In my notes i have the FYN and some thoughts on the chapters and some thoughts on what people said and just random things. and some quotes from the book! with a comment of my own.

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  12. AshtonMorales1991 says:

    My notes for tonight, to be happy you have to live live and not be afraid to make mistakes; because to truly be happy you have to take the good in with the bad, pivot adjust and analyze what makes you happy, and if its a goal, realize what you have to do to obtain it.

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  13. Lily Backus says:

    The main thing I wrote about besides the things I was told to write down and a bit of random stuff about the reading and what I thought about it, I also wrote about how I disagree with you. I don’t necessarily think anything about how Lawson talks about depression to be artfully quirky or poetic honestly at all, I think it is to the point and how she thinks about it. The author makes jokes to bring light to her mental illness, but that does not make her description of the illness itself poetic, artful, or quirky, and if she did, I probably would feel a bit uncomfortable reading this book because mental illness isn’t ever any of those things, but SHE is. When she is all wrapped up in her mental illness however, she can’t be those things at all, she uses that charm to combat her mental illness and take it for what it is instead of dwelling on the reality of her situation. Maybe I completely missed the point of that note, I now realize you likely meant her descriptions have those characteristics, not the illness, but that’s what I wrote about.


  14. AshtonMorales1991 says:

    have a good night

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  15. adamseaifan says:

    On my Notes, I have ” Do what makes u happy regardless of the outcomes.”

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  16. oliver castillo says:

    I wrote down to look further in the moments of my day

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  17. Sebastian Ruvalcaba says:

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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  18. On my notes: All criticisms welcome! But, demand more reasonable self-reviews.

    Have a good night.

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  19. larslovgren says:

    Always encourage somebodies positive improvement, do your best to have fun with work that you need to do. Try to push emotions to the side but consider what is best for how you feel.

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  20. Paul Poulter says:

    Oops, definitely sent a hello over on the paper assignment announcement, was wondering where everyone was this evening haha. Most of the thoughts, as with most Wednesday’s for myself, were dedicated to Biology and trying to focus on learning the material. Outside of that, my wife had her COVID test done, and I’ve spent today just essentially thinking about how fragile life can be at times. But as always, looking for the positives in everything life gives me!


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