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  1. Allison Haney says:

    And in the end, it’ll all make perfect sense.


  2. Rory Parsons says:

    Life is filled with both enjoyable and unenjoyable moments. But in reality we need to experience bad times in order to truly appreciate positive life experiences.

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  3. Trinity Merwin says:

    I agree with this quote very much so. I feel as though the idea of happiness has been misconstrued in society with the thought that you must find it through outside sources. However, I believe that true, raw happiness can only be found within one’s self. If someone is unable to be happy through themselves then the happiness they try to find will be more artificial and short lived.

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  4. Alize Marsh says:

    I agree with this, how I see it is there situations in life that will take you in different directions that you will not be familiar and new to you but will only teach you a lesson at the end

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  5. Grisha Driscoll says:

    Though no matter where your story will shift, change, and flow be sure to remember the channel it needs to go. For every intention is a direction but always continue to direct where you intend.


  6. Leticia Camarena says:

    The decision you make will direct you and lead you to the path of the result of that decision. Whatever direction our life leads us, we have to fight and just remember that everything happens for a reason

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