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  1. Grisha Driscoll says:

    if you end up going off the beaten path I think that’s ok, as long as you’re learning or adapting to the situation you will be alright. The important thing is to not get caught up in *how* you get to the end and to stay focused on the message/story you are trying to tell.


  2. Rory Parsons says:

    I agree with this. Everyone goes into life intent on following the “perfect plan” though this plan only exists their mind. Once in the real world unseen variables will alter our path regularly. This is why it is good to have a plan when starting something but becoming too attached to following it will only lead to failure. The ability to adapt and rethink one’s approach is necessary to achieve a long term goal.


  3. Allison Haney says:

    I agree with this thought. As long as you’re learning along the way, you’ll forgive everything out. Discovering your purpose includes exploring what’s out there and finding what sparks your soul and brings you joy should inspire one to continue exploring. I dislike cliches but “it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey”.


  4. Brianna Steel says:

    I agree with the quote. Life doesn’t always go to plan and we end up needing to veer off the written path. Sometimes that ends up working out for the best. You’ll learn a lot from going your own way and grow as a person as well. You’ll definitely learn how to adapt.


  5. Trinity Merwin says:

    I agree with this because the different experiences and paths we take is what makes us unique. If everyone did the same thing in hopes of following the “perfect path” then what would differentiate us from everyone else? Experiencing different things through unexpected journeys helps build us into the people that we are.


  6. Kaia Stites says:

    I agree with this because I think sometimes we get so stuck on one thing or idea that we can’t see what is right of us. For example if you read about what lesson you should learn from the book, you miss all of the other lessons in the book. Sometimes going into something with a clear head allows you to find the reason you needed to find.


  7. William Duffield says:

    I agree with this because sometimes if you follow what other people do all the time then you may end up never doing something that you came up with. Just jumping into something can sometimes lead to a awesome situation.


  8. Leticia Camarena says:

    There is always a reason for everything that happens to you and you have to examine that reason first, both sides. Maps are sometimes traps because we can be led into tangles but we always need to have in mind what can possibly happen if something goes wrong, not trust too much or always be cautious. Just keep your head up and always know that everything doesn’t go the way you planned it.

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