Forget about writing for a second.

See only you, what you do, what you see yourself doing in the future. Why….  Not written, but actual actuated and self-actualized action.  Everything extends from and is contingent upon character composition, the sight we embrace and apply to the world.  You could call it mood, or attitude, disposition, or way.  But think of what makes up YOU.

                Think of what you want to write.

                The opinion YOU want to express.  Have that be the emphasis.

                More than intended emphasis, have it be the life of your written idea.

                Think about that…  YOU, are the writing.  You are what you put to page.

                When you hear the word essay, you feel the word ESSAY.  Yuck.  How about we don’t use that word anymore.  How about ‘writing’.  Which it is.  YOUR writing.  As we get into David Sedaris, you will notice the fun he has with his own language, his own experiences.  I would already suggest he’s forgotten about the writing and is solely focused on himself, telling his story.  Trying to relive certain moments, find humor in them, sharing the humor in those moments. This is kindness!  Some would argue that focusing on yourself in your writing is narcissistic, and that sharing your story and your thoughts, something about you is just the same.  Once more, I’d invite you to consider it a certain kindness annunciation.

                Think about the statement you want to make.  Think of what you want to share, what you want to teach… What YOU want to write.  In writing [not going to say ‘essays’], we overthink.  No, we think.  And that’s often the problem.  Rather, we should maintain our love and personal connection, and ownership, of our thoughts, what we want to say… what we observe in what we read and our own pages.  Speaking from the most immediate dimension of self.


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  1. Ashlynemclean says:

    This has resonated with me a lot while reading David Sedaris’ writing. I have struggled for YEARS on how to write about the grief of losing my dad. I was so caught up on how to write it, yet I have had some much floating in my head to write. I guess you could call it writers block from over thinking. As I read “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” and the way Sedaris just TELLS THE DAMN STORY, it inspired me to start writing my story. It has been therapeutic to FINALLY let those thoughts go. For me it is the start of actually being able to write what I think without worrying up front on how I am going to write it. Pen to paper.. it’s that simple.


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