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  1. Samone Chrisman says:

    David Sedaris is relatable.


  2. Yoselyn Ayon says:

    David Sedaris tone when reading Let’s explore Diabetes with Owls is calm and sarcastic. He takes serious situations and turns them humorous. The main stories are about him which makes them more interesting. He puts you in his place by the descriptive words he uses, and makes you feel part of the story. He almost makes you feel like your an old friend of his and hes just telling you about his adventures. I enjoyed reading his book so far despite having to read the part about the turtles he kept in his tank. I didn’t necessarily like that part but that is how good his writing is. He brings out emotions out of you whether it is laughter or sadness, and that is what keeps me reading and interested.


  3. Ashlynemclean says:

    David Sedaris has a way of bringing humor and sarcasm to even the plainest of stories. He tells his stories as if he is saying them versus formally writing a story. It is like he is talking to you. I think if you take a step back from reading the book and thing about the stories he is telling, they’re actually quite normal and plain. What makes them interesting and worth your time is that he tells them with humor and genuinely laughs at himself. I think everyone can at least find one of his stories relatable. He got me instantly when he talked about how his dentist “allowed him to feel tragic and important.” We all have that friend or family member in our lives. What makes him so hilarious is that he is talking about himself. I am very much enjoying this book and have already recommended it to friends.


  4. Amy Bell says:

    I highly enjoy the way Sedaris writes using his sense of humor and clever way of expressing himself and his memories. Even simplistic stories and average everyday occurrences are spun into nuanced and sophisticated pieces due to his use of the funny and unexpected to describe them. He sets up an effective narrative using himself as the butt of the joke with his self-deprecating tendencies, but not going so that he just sounds insufferable and self-hating. Instead he sounds humble and relatable, as well as not afraid to share potentially embarrassing things about himself. This makes him have a very good attitude present in his writing which enhances how funny and interesting his stories are and how likable he is. This made it really easy to enjoy the stories and his personalities while also being absorbed into the intricacies of life, love, family, and even simple childhood memories and day-to-day pleasures and inconveniences. I also felt very at ease from his tone. It feels like he is telling me a funny story with zero judgement and not much uncomfortable confrontations; just hilarious, sarcastic, nostalgic retellings. Even when he was talking about culture-shock of Chinese culture to an American, which reading could be very uncomfortable if written in a tasteless and ignorant way. However, he approached it with a very optimistic and hilarious style, talking about the thrill of not knowing exactly where your next meal comes from. Sedaris puts things into perspective, acknowledging that human beings (in general and compared to one another) are not glamorous and perfect, no matter how we are divided.


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