English 1B, Monday 4/13/20

6-6:10pm:  Narration, greetings, update on how you’re doing.

6:10-6:25pm:  What was the point of that, Lawson’s book.  What was her intended lesson, and what she wants us to do now?

6:25-6:40pm:  Proposals … What are you going to write, and why?  And by “why” I mean what’s the idea behind your idea, YOUR intention in writing it.  Remember, this is an opinion paper!!  A supported opinion….

6:40-7pm: Ideas for developing your writing, your idea….  What will take you to page 5?

7:7:07pm:  BREAK

7:07-7:30pm:  Open mic…. Our writing.  Just excerpts if you want, but if you have something typed and want to post it below, feel free!

7:30-7-50pm:  Define quarantine… how you have used quarantine.  And if you’re working during all this, what’s that like.  But even still, what is this ‘shelter-in-place’ reality, in your words?

7:50-8pm:  Close up …. The night’s page. 

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  1. Markus Ong says:

    Weaponizing humor is what really stood out to me

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  2. mikemadigan says:

    For tonight’s page…. All days are instructional cosmos, lessons, gift. Never be blind… Be kind, and ever-inviting…


  3. pashatoub says:

    Analysis is not the objective, heartfelt acknowledgment is

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  4. Gilbert says:

    For tonights page—pineapple and pizza do not go together!

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      They do, on occasion. My sister Dasha is right.


  5. mikemadigan says:

    8pm y’all… #professormikey, OUT. Text me with any questions, for office hour. I”ll be up for a while, and should respond quickly, if I haven’t had too much wine. Ha ha… I appreciate y’all, each of you. Thank you for your contributions and let me again emphasize, that presence is what will decide your essence. Bonne nuit!!!! ❤

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  6. Jessica M. says:

    To me, quarantine has been a new adventure of sorts. It’s something hat you take step by step and with the best attitude you can muster up. Coming up with a new and structured way of life has been difficult for me. I was never one to be inside for long amounts of time so being cooped up has been a struggle but making new changes to ease the feeling of captivity has been very helpful. I find myself thinking of quarantine as a new obstacle I must overcome and learn from. I also hope to see the rest of humanity learning from this. Seeing the positive effects that having everyone stay at home and not creating as much pollution has had on the wold is incredible. I hope that everyone can learn and hopefully attempt to use motorized vehicles and machinery less to benefit the health of our planet in the long run.

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  7. Jonny says:

    Apologize for not being active, couldn’t figure out how the replies work. This is what I sent to Mikey in regard to my proposal and my response to defining quarantine. I was responding to the questions through email and I wasn’t aware that we could reply right on the website.

    I wanted to write about something that relates to my life that has created a recent dilemma in my mind. I’ve gone through most of my life acting a certain way around people, “happy-go-lucky”. That has been the words people have used to describe me since I can remember. I put on the mask for much too long. I love that quality, but I want to be taken seriously and respected. I’m ready to take the next step in maturity, but I just wanted to shed to light what I specifically got from Lawson’s book and that is to not hold back what I feel or think.
    If I really want to take this paper to PAGE 5 I want to be able to use outside sources outside of Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened to back up my opinion. Although it is an opinion I feel that if I can use outside resources, my definition will become more clear to the reader that wants to understand my definition: Lawson is the preacher of getting out of the unjust social norms that have taken over our society. I feel that lately society(even before quarantine) has been a sleeping giant in the sense that all the social norms that we have dubbed ridiculous are still put into practice by some, but I think were so close to the general population understanding how things should get done. Once again, sounds vague, but I feel that with the right sources the message would get across easier.

    Quarantine is the ultimate pause button, but when we unpause we are not going back to the same game. Never have I or I’m sure many of our colleagues have never witnessed something of this world magnitude in our lifetime. I’m personally in a state of meditation, rethinking how I want to attack life when we come out of this, rethinking how I want to pursue my goals, rethinking how I want to be thought of by my peers. I’ve been just alone with my thoughts for a longer period of time than I ever that I would have. Although I miss the outside world and all of its pleasures, this isolation from others has given me time to look for purpose in certain areas of my life. There is something great coming for all of us, but times are going to be hard before we get to that point. As long as we all brace for the car crash, we’ll be able to get out of it with a new perspective. I’ve never been the one to lead by example, I’m usually just all talk, but I want to be able to do both.


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