English 1B, Wednesday, 4/22/20

6-6:10pm:  Intro, Narrating the day, checking in… how are you doing, what have you been doing…?

6:10-6:30:  Talk to us about your drafts, post excerpts below and questions for your colleagues.  ASK US QUESTIONS.

6:30-6:50:  What is the opinion you developed, and what do you want readers of your writing on your author(s) to learn and appreciate?

6:50-7pm:  Closing remarks and thoughts before submitting final draft next week.

7-7:07pm:  Break

7:07-7:30pm:  Writing your own story.  Where do you start?

7:30-7:45pm:  Let’s start with the people in your story.  What do they teach you, have they taught you?

7:45-7:55:  How will you start?  Not so much where… but HOW and with WHOM?

7:55-8pm:  Close

HW:  Final Draft of paper….  AND, start writing your story, a story from your life.

355 Comments Add yours

  1. peacheymaddie says:

    Writing self-educates and illuminates


  2. harmony says:

    “capture voices!”


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