English 1B – Monday, 4/20/20

6-6:10pm:  Intro, Narrating the day, checking in… how are you doing, what have you been doing…?

6:10-6:30:  Talk to us about your drafts, post excerpts below and questions for your colleagues.  ASK US QUESTIONS.

6:30-6:50:  What is the opinion you developed, and what do you want readers of your writing on your author(s) to learn and appreciate?

6:50-7pm:  Closing remarks and thoughts before submitting final draft next week.

7-7:07pm:  Break

7:07-7:30pm:  Writing your own story.  Where do you start?

7:30-7:45pm:  Let’s start with the people in your story.  What do they teach you, have they taught you?

7:45-7:55:  How will you start?  Not so much where… but HOW and with WHOM?

7:55-8pm:  Close

HW:  Final Draft of paper….  AND, start writing your story, a story from your life.

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  1. pashatoub says:

    “STOP THINKING SO GODDAMN MUCH. Thinking is imperative, but also the most crippling impediment.”


  2. pashatoub says:

    I’m also super excited to write a story and bring it to life. I want to make it about the course of a very short time, as that’s been something I always want to do.


  3. Yara Goldreyer says:

    I think I’ll start my story as a 14-year-old, in a corral of mustangs, wondering how on earth I ended up in such a place.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Perfect. Get inside your head.. write more from heart than brain..


  4. countrygirl1001 says:

    Just write

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  5. mikemadigan says:

    Alright y’all…. #professormikey OUT. I’ll be available by text for the next hour for “office hour”… finalize your Sedaris/Lawson writings, and start writing about yourself. Enjoy your night… find happiness, health, love and a creative propulsion. This is not a quarantine, it is an opportunity to collect and project, compose and further self-KNOW. Talk soon….




  6. Theresa Devine says:

    Tonight’s page: Narration is a mix of chance and intent, or not … either way it has to be WRITTEN.


  7. Luis Quezadas says:

    I woke up this morning without using an alarm which amazed me by the way. I then check my phone and decided that I didn’t want to respond to anyone because it was too early. My friends then facetimed me and we talked for a while before heading out on my run. I did a hill workout today and started with a 2mile warm up, then 3 sets of 70:80:90 and finished with a ride home which cheated my mileage but I’ll make up for it. I came home and talked to my mom. Showered before leaving to pay my grandpa’s cell phone bill and get some food for myself and my girlfriend. I waited for her but. usually most of the time it’s her waiting for me. I then took her on a little date of a secret hideout in the mountains of where I live and we ate, talked, had a photoshoot, and enjoy nature. It was a great day and that leads me to writing this. I’m great right now and hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and I’ve just been doing the same thing of waking up and running and trying to find something to do. The draft is exceptional. If I were to hand it in as my final draft, I would hope it could get me a “B.” The opinion I developed was to enjoy Sedaris’ writing skills and to be more confident in not only my readings skills, but be positive on my writing and be true to myself. I want my readers to appreciate the flow and style that Sedaris has. It’s unique to himself and even though he faced complications in his life he always found something positive and I want to be more like that . Writing my own story I start in the now and what I mean by that is that I write about things that have to me now and incorporate things that have happened in the past ad=nd what I would like to happen without have it sound like a boring story about how I was born and how everything happened. Instead I’ll give you a thorough story about what I’ve been doing during this quarantine and relate it with things that I’ve done. The people in my story have taught me lessons, how to be more myself and not someone that I want people to see me as, how to see in different perspectives even if it’s not the way you at it, and most importantly I’m the character that has taught himself somethings as well in all that. I will start in my room and with my toy cars and then have it expand and tell the story of why I started with my room and toy cars.


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