English 1A – 5pm section (1371)

5:00-5:20pm = Introduction, familiarize with blog site

5:20-5:40pm = Questions about course, instructor, syllabus, assignments, etc.

5:40-6pm = What do you want from English 1A?

6-6:10pm = What would you want a reader to know about your story?  How would you plan on actualizing this through writing, narration?

6:10-6:30pm = How do you force happiness?  Can you?  Can you just write it into actuality?

For tonight’s page – You can and should write whatever you want into a dominant and ceaseless reality.  WRITE your LIFE.

6:30-6:40pm = Questions, Ideas …

6:40-6:50pm = Closing….  How are you going to make this semester whatever you want it to be?

Assignment:  Email me at mmadigan@santarosa.edu.  Tell me a little about yourself, and what you will get from this class.  Not what you want, not what you hope I will “teach”, but what YOU will make happen.

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  1. victor verdugo says:

    Not specific on what I want from English1A. This is one of the courses I need for my prereqs. I can say that in any class I enroll in I’d like to soak up as much information that I can. Id like to be able to write better not use repetitive words. I want every sentence to be different. Im pretty juiced to start this class during Covid season because it keeps me looking forward to something. I’m working also part-time but I’m more excited to get back on track to my dental career.
    What I want a reader to get from my story … my story is filled with valuable information things that helped me get through some hard times and or a unique story that can maybe empower people or maybe just a story that they enjoyed or enjoy reading. How I plan to achieve that is by being honest and using my own style/words to tell my story.
    I don’t think you can force happiness. I think you have to look at all the positives and try not to focus on the negatives. Also believe that some days are harder than others that is why its best to look forward to the good days. Personally, Ive lost jobs, friends, relationships for being too negative.. its a very ugly habit and sometimes I find myself talking to people who are negative.. its contagious and I tell them this exactly. Some get mad and don’t talk to me and some change their attitudes. One day they will realize that it’s not a trait people want to be around. I had to.

    sorry I know this is long


    1. mikemadigan says:

      I love it!!! Great writing here!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


  2. vic verdug0 says:

    Im outside Ash Is flying everywhere 😡 anyways I was answering all your questions but I included it in the assignment! thanks for posting a YouTube video explaining. I will continue to follow the time brackets and answer your questions on here.


  3. Daniel Bagley says:

    to make this semester what i want it to be by trying my best in school and doing my best on my assignments so that i can do well in my academics and in my day to day life.

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  4. Aiden Seifert says:

    To really take control of this semester I am going to focus on not procrastinating and having better overall work ethic to let myself have more time to keep my life in order.

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  5. adrianv7272 says:

    fun class have a good night

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  6. victor verdugo says:

    Im going to try not to procrastinate also and instead of doing things on my own when I have a problem understanding I will ask questions. Goodnight y’all!

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  7. Yincheng Lin says:

    I don’t usually read that much. So I hope I could learn how to enjoy reading by this course.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      I have some ideas that hopefully help. And you can learn from your fellow students!!


  8. Ivan Villena says:

    Make this semester what I want it to be by improving my writing skills because I’ve applied to a few scholarships in the past and I believe I did not do so good on my essays.

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  9. Ivan Villena says:

    To really take control of this semester I am going to improve my writing skills because I’ve applied to a few scholarships in the past and I believe I didn’t do so good on my essays.

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  10. ivanvillena says:

    Im going to try to improve my writing skills because I’ve applied to a few scholarships in the past and I believe I did not do so good on my essays.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Welcome, Ivan. Cheers.


  11. (5 years later finally figures out how to work the site🤦🏾‍♂️)
    I’m going to make this semester what I want it to be by getting more used to online classes and like Victor said not procrastinating as much as I usually do. I consider myself somewhat of a writer, but oddly enough I don’t like to read or write, especially when I have no choice in the content. So because of this, I want English 1A to help refine the writing skills I already have so I can improve on them throughout the semester. Learning to enjoy reading wouldn, hurt either.
    And I don’t know about the forcing happiness question. Personally, I try to have the mindset of staying positive and happy even in negative times. Sometimes faking it till you make it essentially could help better your mood or view of situations instead of always being down about them and just accepting that you’re not happy.

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