When you feel that attitude approach, that mood…

You deny it.  Don’y allow entry.  Why… though it feels easy to just sink into it, and somehow oddly empowering, it cuts production’s umbilical cord.  Nothing gets done.  You do NOT move any closer to your Road and what you want it to meet.

Keep with your movement.  Release something, self-publish, then just release it.  Don’t think, don’t edit, nor meditate or deliberate.  Just narrate.

Collect yourself for the purpose of what you want in front of you.  All is attainable, and misery is a manuscript that only YOU mold for yourself.

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  1. Finnegan Ransome says:

    In my experience and belief productivity is a measurement of your will power. If you let a thought control your life then you are only a slave to your mind. Though If you are able to challenge it and overcome your inhibitions you are rewarded with freedom and self confidence. Personally, I think that it benefits me to be the controller and not the one being controlled.

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  2. Gabriel Serrano says:

    thanks for these words:)

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  3. Alric Thomas III says:

    One of my favorite producers Kenny Beats has a brand called D.O.T.S (Don’t Over Think S**t) And he talks about some of the same things such as never second-guessing yourself and always having a positive mindset about what you do and knowing who you are doing it for.

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