English 5 – 4/5/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Settle in, talk to  each other about your day and your thoughts on the day itself, what it taught you.

5:10-5:35pm:  Your story… what characters are in it and how will you teach us about these characters?

5:35-6pm:  What is the truth to your story?  And if it’s not just one, then how many?  And not so much quantity, but the architecture of those truths?

6-6:20pm:  What did you find out about Sedaris?  And if you didn’t research him, go to YouTube now and find something.  What did you find?

6:20-6:30pm:  On Tonight’s Page….  Leave us with a thought on YOU, your story.

ASSIGNMENT:  Start reading Sedaris…. first three chapters and type a reaction before next class.

ASSIGNMENT:  Start typing a story from your life.. have four pages as the end-aim.

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  1. Cory Cochran says:

    OTP: A thought on my story right now would be dealing with what is out of your control is sometimes hard, but you have to realize at some point it is out of your control.

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  2. Lily Backus says:

    If sedaris is funny for saying bizarre things then so am I even if I get weird looks sometimes.


  3. Morelia says:

    i saw an interview of him called David Sedaris on Storytelling, Humor & Chatting with Strangers on youtube and found this line he said halarious! he met this guy and he said ” what do you do for a living?” and the answered ” im mentally ill and that keeps me pretty busy!”
    His humor is so simple but funny!!

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  4. laurabewest says:

    OTP: Truth and Self are a bright and mobile knot…ApocaLIPS,

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  5. mikemadigan says:

    One thing for tonight’s page… Humor is a conductor and a moving encourager.

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  6. Janessa Goodwin says:

    On my page: I’m ridiculously smart AND good looking. Keep up the good work.


  7. Riley McConnell says:

    On tonight’s page I have to keep researching David Sedaris and to get to reading the book more

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  8. Paul Poulter says:

    OTP: My story is one of perseverance, struggles, and acceptance. Many characters heavy influenced my growth as a human being. Plenty of ups and downs but ultimately leading to me being comfortable with who I am and the actions I have taken in my life to get to where I am today. Except for making my friend snort a vanilla bean Frappuccino out his nose from laughter while he was driving on the highway. My bad, Andy! Question: is there a specific length you’re looking for in our response due before next class?

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  9. levoneral says:

    I can write my story however I want, and no one can tell me otherwise.


  10. On tonights page, further develop an idea for the semester and look for more truths in my life!


  11. Morelia says:

    on tonights page, she will find motivation and strength in her life!!

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  12. Diego Monjaras says:

    a thought from my story that I would leave you guys with is, In the end it’s just YOU

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  13. Daisy Guevara says:

    OTP: Write in my journal: Can I make a joke about yourself today, what would it be?
    Maintaining a sense of humor can be an effective coping strategy.

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    1. Daisy Guevara says:

      *about MYSELF


  14. TiffanyFayed says:

    OTP: learn more about Sedaris and figure out the things I’ve learned from my experiences.

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  15. Have a goodnight everyone!


  16. mikemadigan says:

    Have a great night, everyone!!!

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  17. selenadiaz7 says:

    OTP: that, “spontaneous does not equal lack of readiness”

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  18. kannicaeggink says:

    OTP: be true to yourself and your story.


  19. laurabewest says:



  20. larslovgren says:

    David is pretty charismatic with his writing style, his family seems like they have an okay relationship compared to how they generally treat each other. They’ve reached a balance of sorts with their conflicting personalities and general dislikes for each other. Hate to see his family is anti reptile but I understand their choice. Kind of funny to read about slightly below average height discrimination in males, enjoyable introduction to this book.


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