Wednesday 5/20/20 English 1B, Final Meeting

6-6:10pm – Check in…. How you’re doing.  What’d you do, TODAY??

6:10-6:40pm – Discussion on final prompts.

6:40-7pm – Final thoughts for semester, closing….

7-7:10pm:  BREAK

7:10-8pm:  ZOOM office hours, jam session on final prompts.


Topic: Office hours
Time: May 20, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 843 4904 8296
Password: 0RtPjr

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  1. mikemadigan says:

    9 minutes till Zoom office hour, y’all…. If you haven’t submitted your final yet, please have questions. If you have, please be ready to suggest writing directions and points of expansion for your colleauges.


  2. mikemadigan says:

    For tonight’s page…. Presence in writing is an accentuated and more loved layer of self-presence and penning.

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  3. Lizabeth Moreno says:

    I loved this class, never once did I have the thought of taking a day off from this class. I always looked forward to P. Mike’s prompts for the day and his entire attitude. Always being our hype man for us all. His techniques are fucking amazing, seriously I’ve become a better writer & reader. I enjoy reading and definitely look forward to reading more memories as such.

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  4. mikemadigan says:

    Headed to the Zoom Room y’all….


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