Hope you all enjoyed Sedaris’ book, and have some ideas prepped and partially developed for your first longer essay of the semester.

There will be no rough draft required. You will work on this essay collaboratively with me up until its due date. If you want feedback, you must let me know and have specific questions prepared.


ESSAY #1 – “David Sedaris is…..”

LENGTH: 5 pages (That is, land on the 5th page)

Due: Tuesday October 6th, 20020 by 5pm (FOR BOTH SECTIONS!!)

For this essay, you will argue a supported opinion. You may use the prompt I provided above, or come up with your own. I will be evaluating your essay soley on the support and structure of your idea.

I don’t want to give you much more direction than that. Just start writing. Support your idea. Compose an arguement. MAKE IT YOUR OWN.

Again, some examples:

“David Sedaris is an educator…”

“David Sedaris is a writer who wants his readers to love their life….”

Start writing, and stay in touch. AGAIN, Creativity and Conversation solve everything. Especially with essay composition, the writing process.

Show me, and YOURSELF, what you got.

Enjoy your writing…


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