Time to use your own life as literature. Start writing!! About what….. About a time in your life that taught you about happiness. Take this in any way you want. You’re the author, you’re in charge. Just write. Tell a story. It could be about an unhappy time that made you wish for better day, or a really happy moment that made you think something like, “I want this feeling again and again….”



Length: 2 FULL pages. Due BEFORE next class, 9/24/20. No late submissions accepted.

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  1. seblindsey says:

    There have been many times in my life when I have had for more then a moment felt something sort of like bliss or true happiness, I suppose when It comes to mind I have lived quite a few experiences. I have had very high highs and low lows in my life from passions, pursuits, and adventures. I have memories of getting lost hiking with buddies in the mountains’ talking about normality until it was at its farthest reach. Adventures on my own boarding planes and feeling out the opportunity that remains almost within sight yet is inexplicable to describe, like the horizons meeting moments ever present and forever unknown. And again walking around the city with friends and on my own, it is as though the wind carries us home on these occasions and our thoughts become the stars. It is like the earth knows how to take our breath away when we learn to truly mean it. Inhaling the fresh air my buddies and I climb up the mountains slowly paced steadily moving in a direction towards the highest peak, anyway we make it to this ridge so we can relax and take a break. Looking out from this point in time is something I will never forget. We were high enough to where I actually lost my balance for some time, everything seemed to be so small. It was a real insight that we were so far from town and seemingly now in our own world. Earlier you wouldn’t have thought we would make it so far, though now here we sat on a small ridge watching over the better part of the valley below. All the way over to Napa on our far left. I looked up to the sky and with my hand counted the hours we had of sunlight, ” One, two, three, four, four an d’ half. ” , nearly five hours of sun for our return from the mountains. We were truly high up to tell you the truth and it was an enlightening experience to say the least. It was a screaming abyss of a fall down and we walked steadily along trails and paths as if aligned with a true guide. Inside and out I felt happiness in such an indescribable way it is no wonder these feelings I’m able to feel now as I reflect.
    In hindsight the trip was nearly over, I mean c’mon all I had to do was board my first plane to Australia and I was on my way.
    I had some deep thoughts and insights at this time, for some reason I felt super confident in the trip, though I at this time am traveling alone. The night sky was bright as usual leaving SFO airport, the stars shining and in my mind a new horizon for me to see. It was more than that I was going to meet with my mother who was living there. I felt happy looking at the stars leaving SFO and then the beautiful Australian landscape coming into Sydney. The sights felt sacred and flying over the connection I felt was timeless and true. I felt blissful and happy in so many ways on these flights by myself It is funny to know a few of my favorite times traveling is the journey itself.
    Times walking through the city with friends of mine are always some of the most unforgettable, moments which I am so thankful for. there are many things that make one happy when walking around somewhere like San Francisco. I remember buying some books and feeling super accomplished for some reason. Little did I know this day would be significant as it turned out to be well I fell in love with the sort of idea of reading and being busy always learning something new. I was in awe of a new relationship that was building at this time. One that would be reminiscent of pure adventure itself, the breeze always carrying us home. The days changing too, these are a few memories I have and share now in light of true happiness.


  2. juliakreed9 says:

    Good afternoon!
    The time that comes into mind about life teaching me happiness is from this last year. End of last year I did not come into the new year with the best of luck, BF and I were in a bit of a rocky place, a quit my job due to an inappropriate boss. I found a new job at the beginning of the year and it was fine, sufficient enough, it paid the bills. I found myself in a weird ‘blah’ area, I wasn’t doing pretty much anything mentally stimulating during the day, I was growing resentful of this job. When this whole corona thing hit, my job closed the doors (and went MIA as well). That’s when I decided to go back to school to finish my degree that I am ridiculously close to completing. Since I am taking 18 units this semester, I am home ALL THE TIME, which I have found to love. I have reintroduced myself to my former love of baking and cooking and have completely fallen in love with baking bread (and pies). I have this excitement to get up and feed my starters and decide what loaf to bake today. I am also getting better at taking photos of my creations. I have even started a blog to post photos of my work.. (It’s brand new so I’m still getting the hang of the blog life). I find myself having this new fire and passion for life as a whole right now. Not only is this craft incredibly cheap, but it’s also extremely therapeutic to make these beautiful delicious mounds of bread.
    This last year of events has shown me that everything happens for a reason and everything is leading you one way or another to where you’re supposed to be. My life is the fullest it has ever been and my relationships are thriving better than ever. I can say I am truly happy.


  3. Noah Fruge says:

    Noah Fruge
    Mr Madigan
    English 1a
    23 September 2020
    Becoming A Fake Adult

    All my life growing up I always wanted to be older, the age I was would simply not work and the future just had to be so much better that I wouldn’t appreciate the present and would instead be waiting for that next year and whatever responsibilities came with it. That all changed once I turned 18 . I wanted to go back to being a child and living rent free with nothing and none depending on me. Once coronavirus shut down schools I found myself, an 18 year old with no clue of what he’s doing, with a house to myself and all the responsibilities that came with it. At the time I lived with my now ex-girlfriend and I asked my dad to live with me to help pay the rent. Side note about my father, even though he is 40 years old he doesn’t really carry himself as an adult and you definitely would not want to use him as your model for life. So I found myself with a lot of responsibilities in a very little time. First thing I figured I should probably get a source of income since you can’t really do anything in life without money. So I found myself a job in which I work 40 hours a week and takes up all my time but it is a paycheck at the end of every week and that’s all I needed.
    After a month or two of living this “adult” life and figuring out things such as saving money, time management(kinda), and how much work it takes to keep a house clean and in order, I was starting to get the hang of it and was even enjoying it somewhat. I finally felt this sense of independence that I have been looking for my whole life. However just like everything else good in life it all has to come crashing down. About 3 months into living independently one of my dogs of 14 years had cancer in his stomach and I had to make the decision to put him down. It was hard but the hardest part was now that I was “independent” I really had no one to turn to that actually realized how much this dog meant to me. I tried going to the girlfriend and was met with bitterness and literally no help emotionally at all. So I toughened through it for two weeks and after some time passed I realized it really wasn’t that big of a deal just sucked in the moment, but we got no option than to keep going on with life. In the next month I offered my best friend to rent out the other room in our house because his parents were moving out of state and he wanted to stay in California.
    My friend goes by the name of Jake, and we have always talked about how cool it would be if we lived together. We could do things all the time and wouldn’t have to wait for parents or anything. It would be one of the best experiences in my young adult life. Little did I know I could not have been more wrong. I think we made it two months with everyone living in the house, the ex, my dad, Jake, and I, then things started getting weird. Everyone had this passive-aggressive attitude in the house and no one was really getting along. So me being the “adult” of the house I started asking questions and I asked everyone in the house what seems to be bothering them and they just seemed to point fingers at everyone else. I tried to mediate and suggest changes to everyone in the house about the things that they did that made other people unhappy and it just caused even more tension in the house. After a week or so of this constant yucky feeling in the house something had to change. So I start talking to the ex-girlfriend and explain that two 18 year olds living in a house to themselves right out of highschool is probably too much stress for our relationship and maybe she should go back and live with her mom. I was met with no resistance and that same day she packed up all her stuff and left.
    Obviously I was a little confused because there was no fight no nothing just two people coming to an agreement that seemed to benefit both of them in the long run. Or so I thought, until about two days later it was a Sunday and I was sitting on the couch and I get a text. It was the ex asking for a couple things she left at the house and if she could get them at some point. I said of course and then out of nowhere was barraged with false accusations that I cheated. After arguing for about a half an hour I was simply over it and told her with all the honesty in my heart that I never did a thing to hurt her, even though she did. Looking back now her cheating on me was probably not the best thing to bring up but hey what did I have to lose. Well after I brought up the past she was really pissed and had to do everything In her power to break me down but I didn’t care I knew it was all just anger. That was until she sends me a text which said “ I just want you to know that I cheated on you with jake. So not only was your girlfriend a piece of shit but so is your best friend”. Well I wasn’t really sure what to do so I just let her win and stopped talking and decided that blocking her on everything was the way to go. But now I’m stuck with a guy that I called my best friend for the past 16 who in reality never gave a damn about me in the first place. That was about 4 weeks ago and I’ve seen his face every day since. He’s never apologized and I know he won’t so who knows how the next couple of months will go but life is always an adventure so I might as well hang on and enjoy the ride.
    So far I haven’t had a fix for the problems in my life and don’t even know where to start if we’re being honest. I just try to not let anything get to me anymore because if I did nothing wrong there is no reason for me to worry about a situation. I guess you can say I’m trying to focus on my mental health but I’m not even sure about that. I don’t think it’s very “healthy” to binge drink until you don’t feel anymore but shit that’s what’s gotten me through the past three weeks. But if there’s one thing that this whole “adulting” situation has taught me it’s don’t waste your precious time in life worried about other people or what other people think about you. I tell myself that everyday and the past week or so has gotten better and I’m sure if it will continue to every day that goes on from here on out.


  4. kaylinromo says:

    Every time I think of happiness I have a memory that automatically come through my mind. This was a time of pure joy, excitement , and happiness.If it had not been for my friends and I spontaneous nature, that special moment would have never happened. See, too many it may have seemed like an average day, but it was the feeling behind it that came along with it. <ore than two years later and many other other moments of happiness, that day is still the one I think about with a smile whenever I think of a moment that brought me true happiness.
    In order to tell you about that day, we’re going to have to take it back to February of 2019. I had moved out of my parents house just three months prior, so I was still getting used to my new found freedom. I moved in with four other girls, three of which I have already known since elementary. Despite the fact that I have known the majority of the girls I lived with, we were never close. We were cool with each other yes, but never close. I didn’t really have friends as I rarely ever went out, but while living there I really created and bond and sisterhood with two of the girls, Madi and Yadira.
    On February 24th, 2019, I woke up, peaked outside the window as I do every morning, walked to the kitchen, and made chilaquiles, a Mexican breakfast dish. As I sat at the dining table eating my breakfast, I was scrolling through instagram, and ran into a beautiful picture someone had posted. The picture had the location included, Old Sacramento. I stared at it a couple seconds longer, then decided that Sacramento was going to be the activity for the day. I told my friends of my plan, and they decided to come with. Surprised by their answer, I smiled, giggled, and jumped, all at the same time. We all hopped in my car and headed off.
    After a hour and twenty minutes or so, we got to old Sacramento and spent the afternoon and evening there. We took one of those old western pictures, had dinner, did some dancing on the streets while we listened to some piano music being played, took some more pictures around the town then went off to do some sight seeing. Our last stop was was the capitol building. There, we took pictures, walked around the building, then sat on a bench with the capitol building facing directly across from us. The sun had gone down and the moon had gone up. The stars were shining bright and the sound of the city began to mellow ever so slightly. While we sat there, we began to talk about talk about how fun our day was and how we should take spontaneous trips more often. We then started to talk about our future and where we saw each other in a year. Everything we wanted for our future. Everything we wanted to do, see or be felt so attainable and the more we talked about it the more we realized that nothing was stopping us from accomplishing those goals. I felt an incredible sense of peace and optimism. If these two girls who are smart, fun, and brave believe that I can succeed at anything I put my mind to, then I could believe it too. Madi said she pictured herself moving to the east coast, and almost the exact year later, she moved to Virginia. Yadira, said that in a year she would have finished college and gotten a higher position at her job. Now she is a Sonoma State graduate, and went from being a bank teller to a financial advisor. I on the other hand, am the only one has not accomplished the goals I have set for myself to complete within a year. I had pictured myself moving to Sacramento and being closer to the man I was seeing at the time. To get a new job too and just bravely starting over. After several months, my circumstances changed and my plans did too. For the better but that wasn't something I understood at the time. I have set new goals for myself, and feel like I am making them happen. Slowly, but surely. Whenever I do doubt myself though, I think back to that night where it was just us three accompanied by the moon the stars, and all of our dreams being spoken into existence without evening knowing.


  5. ethonn says:

    Ethon Sanchez
    Professor Mikey

    A time when I found happiness was right after I felt like I was at my lowest in life. By that I mean I found happiness from my sadness. I was in a relationship with someone and during that time I felt like nothing could be any better than where I was at then. I was in my head too much, thinking too far ahead, and let my mind daze off to the point where I was kind of lost. At the beginning of this year, things were kind of off and I knew something was up, and obviously my anxiety went through the roof. I talked to her to see what was going on and what she told me was super shocking. She told me that things were going good but a little too good, she was going to college in Oregon. First off I was obviously extremely proud of her but then it hit me that it meant I won’t get to see her as much, and that’s when she followed it up with that we should not be together because of this big move and school to focus on.
    For about a month or two I felt extremely sad, my heart would beat super crazy just thinking about her, and it would be hard to sleep. Now you’re probably wondering where the happiness in this story is because this is probably just depressing. It was like a roadblock, but one that was never actually there. Something we even discussed in class, roadblocks aren’t real, you figure out what’s causing these “roadblocks” and really there weren’t any. This is where I found my happiness. I looked back at the situation a couple months later and realized that nothing could have gone better. I learned so much from this and nothing even ever ended bad.
    This all was pretty much my first experience, and my first time being in love. This was also all during my first semester in college so what a time for all this to happen at once. With it being my first experience, I thought everything was perfect and I didn’t want to ever think about being with anyone else. In reality, I’m young and I just caught feelings way too fast and have never even been in a relationship before. That’s where the saying “you live and learn” comes in.
    We’re still very close and talk from time to time, I was just sad because I thought I was. This is also a reason why I believe you can create happiness. You can have a positive mindset in any situation and it makes life better. Really though, there was nothing to be sad about. I just didn’t want things that were so good to come to an end just like that, but I enjoyed every moment during that time together. Some people have it way worse, and things end bad. That’s when I realized I don’t have to be sad because something is over, I was happy because it happened.


    1. ethonn says:

      Also pasting this into the forum it messed up the format a little bit


  6. Consuelo Soto Jasso says:

    Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I knew I had to become what was a
    superhero in my eyes. I would look at my mother and think to myself, “man, how does she do
    it every day with a smile on her face?”
    In my eyes she was and still is everything.
    Being a mother is the most amazing, most selfless thing you can be in my eyes. It doesn’t mean you have to have birthed a child no, it means you are choosing to live and care for another human being. That to me is everything.
    I say this because in that reflection as a child looking at my mom and knowing I wanted to be a mother was one of the very first moments in my life I knew what happiness was.
    I can think back of all the times I was with my mother or seeing a mother with their child and catch myself smiling, truly smiling. I could feel the warmth in my heart and the happiness it brought me.
    Now as a child, I had no idea how immense this feeling was, from a Mothers prospective that is. As a child I knew I loved my mother and I knew she was my absolute everything and that in its own brings happiness. But from a mother’s love to a child, man that changes everything.
    Now not everyone will feel me on this, but this is my take on it and how I truly came to know my true happiness.
    I would have become a mother at a young age but my husband had different plans for us first. I would have thought I would become a mother by the age of 25 but at that age now I can see we were not ready.
    Not only, not ready but also it seemed that my body wasn’t ready anyway and so began our road to infertility.
    I found out I was pregnant at 27 about a year after trying and you could only imagine the happiness I felt. I would say we felt but I truly believe I was happier than him, because my dream of being a mother had finally come true.
    My pregnancy wasn’t the best to say the least, I had morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy but even after all of that I was still so very much excited to know I had a little human growing inside of me. I would not complain every time I’d vomit; I would just do it and get on with my day. Afterall it was part of my journey to becoming a mother.
    The day they told me I had Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes in pregnancy) and that because of this I would need to be brought in to be induced at 37weeks was one of the not so happy moments in my entire pregnancy but even then I looked at it as if it just meant I got to meet my beautiful baby boy sooner than later or in this case on time.
    I had to do weekly monitoring and sonograms to make sure he wasn’t getting too big and he was ok overall.
    I loved going to those visits because it meant I got to see and hear my baby boy one more time.
    On my second to last visit I had high blood pressure, it would not go down. This of course meant that I would be staying and getting induced right then and there. Reality hit, we would not be leaving the hospital as a couple anymore we would be leaving as a brand-new family of 3.
    I was scared, anxious and nervous but at the same time I was so excited to finally be able to meet the little human I had been growing inside of me for nearly 8 months.
    The process was a very long tiring one, but I was one happy camper still. I mean if I was already so in love with him just being in my belly and feeling his movements and strong kicks, I could only imagine how happy and in love I would be with him being out in this world with us?

    After 74 hours of labor my son finally made his appearance into this world. I was one tired momma, but you wouldn’t think that as soon as they placed him on my chest I could not stop smiling. My life had brand new meaning, I was over the moon to have him in my arms.
    At that moment I knew what true happiness was. My world has completely changed and things that would have bothered me before just don’t. I look at my sons and how much of an impact they’ve had on my outlook on life and it amazes me.
    They of course have no idea because one is 4yrs old and the other is just 4months old but one day I will let them know they are the reason I know what true happiness is.


  7. claudia alvarez says:

    Claudia Alvarez
    English 1A
    24 September 2020
    What keeps us healthy is being happy, but when asking someone what their most important life goal is, the majority wants to get rich while the other wants to be famous. In order to have a good life failure comes along and it’s our job to see the good of it but what if we could watch our entire lives as they unfold through time from the time that we are just kids all the way into old age.
    What are the lessons that come on these lives of wealth or fame or working harder and harder? The clearest message that we get from this is a good relationship keeps us happier and healthier. I have learned this in recent months. Just these past months what I believed was a happy life turned out to be a sad moment in life. I lost many friends and a lover, but these people were toxic in my life, people who I thought I knew, people who I trusted with my feelings, people who I cared for betrayed me. These people I called “friends,” no regrets because what I gained from this experience was seeing my true value and soon found happiness without these people.
    Just like any would, I was devastated because I was one who congratulated them on their winnings and encouraged them when they needed it. We know that you can be lonely in a crowd and you can be lonely in a marriage. It’s not just a number of friends you have whether or not you’re in a committed relationship but it’s the quality of your close relationships that matters. Life is definitely not easy but what we make of it is important. We all go through obstacles and learn to overcome them. Happiness is around us from a smile from a stranger or from a hug from a loved one. The ways I have found happiness have been through my obstacles and learning that things happen for a reason. This brings me closure knowing that thanks to my experiences I was able to find greater happiness within them.
    As a student, I have seen and experienced that over the years some people’s major challenges seem to draw strength. Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. As I was writing this I came across a video on YouTube which included this quote by Nelson Mandela saying there’s no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that’s less than the one you’re capable of living now. This caught my eye because through struggles I have had from losing friends to being at my worst when no one knew, I have always tried to keep a positive mindset which has led to more happiness in myself. In our experiences in school or when applying to colleges and picking your major and deciding what you wanna do with life, I have heard from people to make sure you have something to fall back on. With consistency, you will never finish so do what you feel passionate about. Take chances don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box don’t be afraid to fail big to dream big but remember dreams without goals are just dreams. Failure is the best way to figure out where I’m going, life is never going to be a straight path. Through everything I have found that my experiences have led to my happiness now, my self-worth, and my acceptance that this guy does happen for a reason.


  8. Anahiolazo says:

    Anahi Olazo
    Professor Madigan
    English 1A
    A random act of kindness
    Everyone has their own definition of happiness. What may make someone happy may do the opposite for others. I found myself asking the people close to me their thoughts on happiness after the topic had been discussed during a zoom call meeting for my English 1A course and I have come to discover that their answers varied from person to person. I don’t have a definition for happiness but I know it’s innocent, considerate, generous, unexpected; it can be unpredictable at times causing uncontrolled smiles, laughs, and it is something that should be shared and passed along.
    Happiness is a unique emotion, It’s a controversial topic among many, it can be perceived in a verity of ways. It has many definitions and no right answer. Maturity has helped me find a better understanding of what happiness means to me and one day it came to me in the most unexpected form. On a Saturday around eight-thirty in the morning, I felt the need to buy my mother a cup of coffee from Starbucks, with the Corona-virus on the loose we had been expected to use their drive through to place our order. I remember the line being long and my mother and I spent those ten to fifteen minutes in-line reminiscing about the past; that’s usually what we do these days when we get together. When our turn came, we placed our order for two hot grande caramel macchiatos through the speaker and again proceeded to wait patiently for our drinks. I pulled debit card out of my wallet and continued to hand it over to the nice younger girl working the register, she smiled and said to me “ there is not need for that” and continued to explain to me that the driver in the vehicle in-front of us had just payed for our drinks. Through this random act of kindness from a complete stranger, evoked a strong sensation of disbelief, gratification, then followed by joy and happiness, all in one. I went about my day with a smile and vowed to pass it along and the next day that was exactly what I did. At the window, I asked the woman working the cashier to bring up my order as-well as for the family of five directly behind me. I remember her asking if I was sure, “It’s a pretty large order,” yes I continued. After I received my drinks I drove off hoping to have enlightened something in them, like it was done for me. I hoped that they too would pass it along because we shouldn’t keep something so special to ourselves it should be shared with the people we love and those whom we’ve never met.


  9. The Pawn
    I have been pretty lucky in life in the sense of having a great family structure. Which is where a lot of my happiness stems from. My family means a lot to me even though, sometimes we want to strangle each other from time to time. When you have such a strong bond with certain people, and they go through a hard time, not only is that one person affected, but the whole family goes through the exact same emotions. I believe that is where my decisions on not having kids stems from. Just to think that one day my child could go through an unbelievable situation makes me wiry. Who’s to say what the future holds, I will either be happy with kids or without them.
    Growing up comes with separation and growing your own family. Even though I’m not a mother, I have been an aunt since I was 11 years old. Since the age of 11 and to the present, I have taken care of my nieces, and nephews. Even though I love and care for each of them, there is one of my nephews which I am extremely bonded to. Ever since he was born, he lived with my parents and I. My brother, who’s his father, and his mother were both in the picture, but it was just my responsibility to look after him, since the both of them worked and I had graduated from high school. My duties were like if I were his mom, I would do everything for him. At some point my brother and his girlfriend at the time broke up and she agreed to leave my nephew with us since he went to preschool here. She moved back to Arizona and everything was fine. I had a routine with him, woke up, got ready for school and walked with him. Spending so much time with him and taking care of him like a mom would, really made us close. He was like my baby. Eventually my brother moved on and he met his current wife. At this point his ex found out and decided to take her revenge. It was a typical day, she had come back to our town for one of her visits, she had asked my brother if she could take my nephew to breakfast and then later on she would drop him off at school. So our day goes on with us thinking he was in school all day, not knowing he was halfway to Arizona. Everyday my brother would go and pick him up around four in the afternoon, this day was no exception. When he got there the teachers told them that he had not arrived at school that day. Of course panic ensued. From what I remember, my brother called us and asked if we had him, which of course we didn’t. The next thing he did was call his ex. At first she didn’t answer, after calling her nonstop she finally answered and she told my brother she would not speak with him until he calmed down. Now how would you want someone to react when they find out their child was kidnapped. She was playing a game with my family, and my nephew was the pawn. When the rest of my family found out, it was like all hell broke loose. My nephew was a big part of our life, he lived with us for years, and for someone to just take him like it’s no big deal, was really mind boggling. Next came what we thought was going to be the impossible, bringing him back home.
    Bringing him home was a bit more difficult than normal. We knew where she had taken him, it was just a unique situation. My brother’s ex is a Native American, and she had traveled to Arizona to hide in a reservation. In a reservation they have their own police system, meaning the state or any other form of police couldn’t go into the reservation and enforce laws. They had to go through the reservations court, which was a bit biased, but we made it work. With the courts being in Arizona my brother actually had to move to Southern California. During all the dealing of the court, my family had visitation with my nephew, we had to go to a center and had monitored visits with him, every so often. Even though she had basically kidnapped him from us, for some reason they couldn’t get him out. I don’t remember much of the court hearing, majority of the fact was because I wasn’t there, but I do remember that my brothers ex and her lawyers were trying everything in their power to make my brother out to be a thug. Like I said before he has a certain look to where one might assume he is associated with a certain group, they used his appearance against him. I mean how much of a gangster can you be growing up in a small town like Calistoga. Haha! They tried to say he did drugs, which then the court had him take a drug test, and surprise surprise he was clean. Eventually after long she got arrested, they told her and her mother that she will remain in jail until she gives us our nephew back. She actually stayed in jail for 3 days because she thought they were bluffing. When she realized they weren’t kidding, we had finally been reunited with my nephew. After months of exhaustion, we had finally won. Nowadays he is living in Southern California with my brother, his wife and two siblings, oh and how can I forget their mini farm. Literal farm, they have ducks, a pot belly pig, cat, and 2 dogs, all in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. As for my brother and his ex, they are civil with each other, for the sake of their son. It didn’t start out this way though. My brother didn’t want any form of communication with her. All communication was to go through his current wife, but she had gotten pregnant by another guy and she asked for my brother’s help. Which he accepted. Now I don’t know about you, but I most certainly would not have been so kind. To each their own I guess.
    Happiness for me is family, well to a certain extent just because we get on each other’s nerves once in a while. There was a long time where I hated my brother’s ex for basically making our lives a living hell for months, I eventually learned to let go. There is no reason to hold on to my resentment towards her, for what just to make myself upset. I forgave her for what she did, and it’s nice because I don’t think about her. I feel like if I didn’t forgive her, whenever my nephew would come to visit all I would think about was her and what she did, but I don’t, and do you know how freeing it is to not let my thoughts be engulfed with her image. It’s a nicer way to live. Now I’m not the most positive person, but hey I have my moments!


  10. aalexvillanueva94 says:

    Ive been having trouble getting my assignments to post on here hopefully it actually pops up this time


  11. aalexvillanueva94 says:

    Alex Villanueva
    Professor Mikey
    English 1A

    My year in Southern California

    When I think of a time that made me happy I think about the year 2016 when I moved back Southern California for a year. I had moved with the intention of staying forever because of the fact when I think of home I think of Long Beach and all of the family that I have over there. the year 2015 was a pretty rocky time for me I was working as a car sales man and to say the least it was very stressful, not to say that I was a bad sales man because I was actually pretty good. I’m not sure what it was about the job but it stressed me out ‘A LOT’. Towards the end of the year my girlfriend and I were going through some tough times and we decided to call it quits, so you could say I was a bit down in the dumps. I started talking to my dad and he told me that he was looking for another mechanic to work for him at his shop in Long Beach. So I packed my bags, my dog Bugsy’s kennel and loaded up the truck. My grandma had an extra room for me to stay in at her house, and she didn’t mind me staying there since she is practically a second mom to me. My grandpa didn’t mind having me there either just as long as I cleaned up after myself and Bugsy and he liked to have me help him out with projects around the house.
    I barely got any sleep my first week in Long Beach since my cousins invited me to go out every night and I had work the following mornings. They worked on the weekends so weeknights were their weekends. I didn’t mind, I was just glad that I was being invited to go out and who better to go out with than family? They introduced me to a lot of their friends since I no longer had contact with any of the people I went to elementary and Jr high school with. Throughout the rest of the year that lived there we went out the the bars almost every other night, and it’s Southern California, so if you’re wondering if there were actually a lot of people out on week nights? The answer is yes! You might think this was one of the happiest times in my life because of the amount of alcohol that I drank but in reality I was just happy about the fact that I could be so close to the family that I had grown up with, and seen almost every day until I move four hundred and fifty miles away.
    Working at my dads shop was a lot of fun, even though I was working it never really felt like work unless a certain car was giving me a hard time. I worked six days a week but Saturday was usually a half day since we didn’t pack the day with appointment and at lunch time we would open up the pack of beer that customers was usually give us as a tip for fixing their cars. The shop is called Long Beach Auto-Tech and its owned by my dad and is younger brother, my uncle Glen. They opened up the shop together in 2002 with the help of my grandfather who you could say forced them to learn how to work on cars. I remember the driveway at my grandpas house always being back up to the street with customer cars he was fixing. By the time I started working at the shop my grandpa had already been retired for two years and moved to his hometown in Mexico, but I still see him every year when he comes to the states to visit.
    My favorite days were Sunday because my dad, my step mom, my younger siblings, and I all had annual passes to Disneyland. It’s safe to say that Disneyland is my favorite place in the world that I have been to. I want to visit all of the other Disney parks some day but as for now the one in Anaheim is my favorite. As a kid my mom would take my brother, sister and I once a year, and she always hyped us up for it, to the point where I wouldn’t fall asleep until two in the morning and would wake up at five thirty and didn’t care because I was so excited. We always made sure to get there before the park opened so that we could be one of the first groups in and get on as many rides as possible before the park got packed. My mom would have liked to take us more often but it was all she could afford. That was true even though we technically got in for free since she had a friend who worked there, but with three kids you still have to buy food and any souvenirs you can afford to buy them, and being a parent myself now, you usually want to buy you kid anything they want while you’re there because your supposed to be in a good mood, it’s the happiest place on Earth after all.
    Towards the end of the year my at the time ex girlfriend and I started talking again and one thing led to another and we got back together. We knew that long distance relationships don’t really work but we would switch off traveling to see each other each month. One month I would fly up north for the weekend and the next she would fly down south. This went on for several months and we talked about her moving down to LA since I really had no intention of moving back up north. Then one day she came down to visit and she told me that she was pregnant, so this changed things drastically. After talking for a few weeks we decided that the best thing to do would be for me to move back up north. since raising a baby she would need not only my support but she wanted her parents support and I would have the support of my mom and step dad. So I packed up all my bags again and Bugsy’s kennel and he and I moved back to Sonoma County. You might be thinking that I am no longer happy since I don’t live in LA anymore, but I actually am I have a healthy daughter and my girlfriend and I are stronger than ever. I do miss my family and I try to travel south as often as I can, not as often as I would like but I’ve learned to find peace within my self and live one day at a time and make the best out of each day.


  12. Cassandra Rodriguez
    English 1A- 7pm

    When I was sixteen years old I was in a dark place in my life, I just started working to help my mom out around the house and I had been getting behind on my school work because I was taking care of my younger sister and little brother during the night while my mom went to her second job. During all of this I would be getting more and more depressed and I wouldn’t take to any one, I mostly was by myself even around my family. Until one day my brother’s girlfriend started helping me loosen up a bit. She would invite me to go places and go on small adventures, but yet still inside of me was this little bit of darkness. One day, she calls me and tells me to get ready and that she has a surprise for me, and I am just like okay let see where she is taking me. And lucky for her everytime I get in a car as a passenger, I always go to sleep so she doesn’t have to blind fold me. When I woke up all I saw was the big words SKYDIVING, and I was like nope I am not doing this. I am staying in the car, but slowly she convinced me by telling me YOLO which means You Only Live Once. My whole body was shaking when I was signing what I felt was my life away. The guy I was assigned to be attached to was telling me that I was going to be okay and I was barely paying any attention to him because all I can see was the big danger sign of all the things that can go wrong. All the workers there were joking around saying “oh I think this is the parachute bag that doesn’t work, oh well lets see.”, while all the customers get a pale look on their face.When we get into this small plane that doesn’t have any seatbelts just two long foam logs that people sit on, that is when I started getting butterflies in my stomach. Going up and seeing our landing zone get smaller and smaller and hear the pilot yell, “okay we are at 13,000 feet you guys are set to jump off,” this guy swung open the door and people just started jumping off. When it came to my turn and I looked out and saw the o-zone layer and the Mountain tops, I’m thinking to myself WHAT THE HELL did I get myself into. The guy I was attached to said to me, “at the count of three we are jumping ,” I’m like okay let’s get this over with. He counted only to two and pushed us off, I closed my eyes at first because I got scared then I thought to myself like you have to see this once in a lifetime experience. When I opened my eyes I saw how beautiful everything around me was and I started laughing/ crying because it just made me think of when I will hide away in my room and miss out on everything that can bring happiness to me. And when the parachute opened up and we were just gliding around looking at everything, I was telling myself okay this is a sign that I shouldn’t hide myself just because I had be the other grown-up in the household, I should use this as an example how I need to see the world as something loving and happy, even in dark times.


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