Spring 2019 – New Spring, Song– New Beat

This semester, do something different.  Do something for you.  What you want, what you see for YOU.  Reading and writing is more than just that.  It’s life.  LIVING, and with mad adoration of what’s already in front of you.  You have everything you need in your life, in your story, right now, to get whatever grade—or what I more endorse, whatever experience—you seek from this course.  It’s not a semester, it’s a story.  YOUR, story.  Approach it with never-before touched treks and actuations.  Start jotting your self-educating jaunts.  Now.  That’s the only way to be on a Road, on a journey as so many say, if you start without thinking.  Reading and writing entail an embrace of whim, just leaping without excess meditation.  Mold the moment in writing as it molds you in deciding.

spring 2019 english 100

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