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  1. Sophie Flores says:

    I always leave your class feeling inspired to pay closer attention. I have taken to observing those around me more attentively. I got home and danced so passionately that I slammed my face into my leg. I feel the need to create right now, and I wish the demands of my high school didn’t crush that yearning.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Enjoy, Sophie. You deserve it!! 😊


  2. Olaya Ciccarelli-Bermudez says:

    What you said about speaking our writing aloud resonated very deeply with me. I have been working non-stop on college essays these past few months and my parents always give me the same advice: read it aloud. Of course, that is more so I can see if it makes any sense or if it is too cliche. I find it is very easy to stray into the cliche when writing college essays. But I want to try reading some of my other work out loud, things I have written for myself and not for a school.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Awesome!! Can’t wait!!


  3. Jordan Pride says:

    One aspect of our meetings that stands out to me every week is the topic of our discussions. Our conversations tend to be very different than those of a normal high school setting and have implications in our lives beyond the context of the novel we are reading. This creates a space where we can reflect on ourselves while also sharing ideas about the literature, which I think makes a very productive and meaningful learning environment.


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