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  1. evangel91 says:

    Destiny is linked to a higher something (God, ancestors, or our universe) that places a human in a situation where a personal decision will be made with the situation provided. It will be hard to know if the decision made was correct or not until you look back and analyze from a different point of view. Your path made by destiny and personal choices can be improved when considering options and outcomes with a possitive attitude. Even if a wrong decision was made will have a less negative impact on the person and life will be more enjoyable. Don’t over think, live!


  2. Temo Varela says:

    Temo Varela 1A

    Destiny is a cruel way to remove people’s humanity and autonomy while also dismissing those who have a terrible life. Free will suddenly becomes nonexistent when you are confronted with the ideology that everything is planned out and you are not truly responsible for your own actions. Me typing this now, I like to think, is out of my own free will. I mean its added credit and I really want an A so I’m writing this. For someone who believes in destiny, however, I am destined to get an A. not because of my hard work and my perseverance but because something with a greater power deemed me worthy to have a good grade. and I absolutely hate that. what qualifies that person, god, etc. to have that much control and power? why is it that one side of the planet has the power to access the infinite database that is the internet with the simple touch of a smartphone, yet the other side is fighting wars for basic human rights. Why is it that I can sit in my room and type this on a computer while someone in the middle east has to worry about living for another day? is that their destiny? I am destined to be a nurse and help save lives, while some poor soul is destined to live a life full of death and horrible misery. I didn’t share my opinion in class because I can understand the sensitive nature of it and would hate to create tension in the safe space that is 1A but, in my opinion, I think that the idea that free will doesn’t exist is terrible. And the thing that frightens me the most is that it’s just my opinion. for all I know there’s very much is a destiny and me typing this was simply meant to be, the kid diagnosed with a horrible disease is all in the master plan, the protestors in hong kong fighting for freedom is all part of the end game, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.


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