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  1. Alli says:

    Seek for your inner seed. I think it’s important not to rush through life. Stop and smell the roses for a little while, things happen when they’re supposed to in divine sequence.

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  2. Allison Haney says:

    Seek for your inner seed. Stop and smell the roses for a while as everything happens in divine sequence.

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  3. Alize Marsh says:

    A very big part of life is to not make decisions not really thinking about it, taking a minute to really think taking time to make a decision you know is better is the best then making a fast decision on the top of your head

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  4. Trinity Merwin says:

    People are always waiting for the outcomes of decisions rather than taking time to really sit with the decision. Even a plant needs to take time to grow into a flower so people should slow down and live life in the moment rather than constantly waiting for the outcomes.


  5. Jocelyn Lozano says:

    People tend to make their life decision based on other peoples success. I think it is important for one to truly take the time and decide what is the best for them. Never rush on life decisions.

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  6. Leticia Camarena says:

    I agree because the decisions that we make can grow and grow until the decision is made. It will grow and get to its end when the results are in, until it’s fully developed. Then the decision will be part of your life now and it will leave a mark in your life.

    Seek for what would really make your seed grow into the plant you deserve or what you want your planting to look like. The process of your planting is the growing part of your decision because how you approach your decision or what you do to the decision, your actions (seed) will have the impact of the results of the decision you made. The decision you choose will impact your results at the end of the day.

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