education, we have to ask ourselves what we’re after.  What are the constants of the essential aim of our trek?  Stop for a second… no, a full minute.  More… write them down.  What YOU want.  For your Self.  Through education we are enriched, and it is beneficial for us to approach the doors with urgency, with confidence and a decision to remain curious, open to new insight and intuition.  Nothing is put into any motion with low self-estimation in attendance.  We have to order its removal from the stands, situate loudly in eager chirps of pursuit.

In our work, we remain mobile, like ravenous fish schools in search of a mythic perceptive-buffet.  We are beyond simple verbs and descriptions, evaluations and decisions logical or otherwise.  We are music in our purposes, if we bring ourselves to such a shelf.  Have yourself stay lost in thought and hypothetical decibel.  Let the music be louder, louder, hear your beat and tune to the tune of the new. New experiments and readings, pages read with obsessive edge.

Your work is your story.  You, marathoning toward your forward.  So… onus, again punctuated, emphasize emphatically with drastic adage.  Aim, dream, envision, see IT and the path self-presents.  Emerson wrote with gleeful pull of nonconformity’s beaming benefit.  Yes, but just as well a precision in the defiance and separatist stretch is essential.  To your trek, the time you devote to measuring your approach, whether a minute or hour, or full day.  Maybe end of day, in home, in kitchen, over a taste of … for whatever you be in menu tilt.  It’s you, in that moment.  The momentary stretch and starkness in its stitched and gifting significance.  Newness, its tune, its jazz and beatific and beautifying beat, turning pages in your story.  Be a reader, read closely.  Dismissal and diffidence, not your option.

In class, there are answers.  In the education institution… some community college or fluffy university, grad program or wherever whatever what be.  You, do know, have more than you immediately perceive and estimate.  Quite possible you’ve never thought about it before.  Quite fine, but change necessitated.  What are you after?  What do you want?  Where is that vision of your Self doing what you see the Self doing?  The essential aim of your trek, already present, as are the components of the bridge.  Everything you need to assemble the unifier of Here and There, already in your character.  In that vision.  Look further… more into the scape and plate of your sight.

Quietude, more than a decided component of character and composition.  Bringing yourself to such realization demands study, noted, study of the notes you jot on the self, and more arrangement and organization of your understandings, the understandings of your your education.  Education is a mission, is a story, you write the story, there is not other consideration to be had.  So now, you have your time to collect. What you do with it, build.  Estimate.  Build your story and live and show your story.  Where you’re going, what you WILL do.

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