And with no fear or excess thought.

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  1. Kate Nunez says:

    Writing without fear or excess thought is honestly one of the best things to do to either relax or find somewhere to put energy when you can’t release it by destroying something, going for a run/walk (especially in the situation now), or any other options. It gets you to write, but it also kind of makes you reflect on what made you start writing, if it was a problem/worry that made you write then how can you fix that problem, etc. What I mean is as you write, you have the opportunity to think about the cause even though you’re not thinking about what you’re making. It’s nice? Or helpful? I guess that’s a reason or one of many reasons why people keep diaries or journals.


  2. countrygirl1001 says:

    Writing is a form of freedom, one that can take us to where ever we want to go. Even a different reality. Writing can help escape your fears relieve you from your feeling and cope with reality. Music is also a diary, why do people start lyrics? Is it just to escape from reality?

    Stephanie Neeley


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