Be beyond “good”

to everyone around you.

Even the people you don’t like.

Even the demons.

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  1. Elijah Ettedgui says:

    Hi professor Mikey, this is Elijah (blueface) and I’m in your English 1B class. I agree with this statement and disagree as well. I think it is very important to be “good” to people, even people that may bother the living hell out of me. Nevertheless, is there not a point when a person that is acting so terribly, harming someone in a physical, emotional, or mental fashion, that that instigator must not be treated “good” anymore? I don’t imply that one should act in an aggressive manor towards the instigator and treat them like, say, a demon, but rather treat them like nothing at all. I know that a person cannot fight fire with fire, but I also know that a person can fight fire by suffocating it. By that reasoning, I believe someone that is destructive should be treated in the same way, not by harming them, but by discontinuing all interaction with them, in other words suffocating the fire, giving it nothing to consume and destroy. What do you think? Is this a reasonable or flawed manor of thinking?


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Not flawed at all!!! These are your thoughts, and your scope, so no one can say they are flawed! Frankly, I agree. But, I also see benefit in countering cruelty with its antithesis.


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